Janeramsay.com Website Review & Ratings + Jane Ramsay Coupons
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Janeramsay.com Website Review & Ratings + Jane Ramsay Coupons

Jane Ramsay: Products & Services

Janeramsay is a women’s clothing company created and founded by its namesake, after the global financial crisis left many middle market clothing companies struggling. Jane Ramsay is aiming to cater to people of a particular aesthetic taste, slightly above the somewhat cliché niche of affordable quality. Jane Ramsay sells her own brand of luxury clothing, delivered gift wrapped and does not advertise other commercial clothing brands. Jane Ramsay gives the impression that the articles are not mass manufactured as cheaper clothing products are, but “luxurious with attention to detail”, yet they are manufactured in Hong Kong and ready to be dispatched within 24-48 hours. The company aims at an international market, in contrast with most larger online clothing shops, Jane Ramsay’s website has as yet not been translated into other languages.

Indeed, the website gives quite an unfinished impression, such as the “Who am I? Click here to find out” button which only reveals an enlarged picture of the same button with no further information. The current newsletter button also only reveals one enlarged picture with a “go to the shop” option, so visibly the website is under construction. Other than this the website is very nicely done with interesting and well thought out slogans and captions, beautiful photography and an overall clear and simple layout.

Jane Ramsay: Company Background

Jane Ramsay is based in Melbourne, Australia, and launched her company online in December 2011. Jane Ramsay is experienced in many areas of the fashion world such as retail and design and largely fashion forecasting, but also has a Masters degree in Business, she wanted to create her own label for her own philosophy of dressing, which is “simple, stylish and exclusive clothing that is flattering, feminine and has a place in every modern woman's wardrobe”.

Jane Ramsay: Customer Feedback & Reviews

The following websites provide mention of Jane Ramsay’s online store:

 “Fashion trends keep changing every year. People tend to follow which trends are in, especially women for that matter. That's probably the reason why there are more online boutiques for women as compared to men. Jane Ramsay is another online boutique that offers a unique and classy brand of Bohemian clothing. The website of Jane Ramsay was launched in 2011 and has been going strong ever since. The business is based in Australia but caters to countries worldwide. Jane Ramsay exclusively offers clothing for women…”

 While being websites used to advertise the Jane Ramsay store and its discount offers, all but the last quoted above, show no reviews and little or no customer presence, and while “knoji” provides reasonably substantial feedback, it offers no signs of customer satisfaction or dissatisfaction and only the one review!

Jane Ramsay: Business Credibility & Trustworthiness

Knoji.com also has no ratings for Jane Ramsay, but features one or two fairly detailed reviews on style and pricing:



This website lists few details other than the official nature and location of the company and thus shows its youth.

Jane Ramsay is not accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and has no established online chat, the product however has been featured in and on the cover of People magazine. Other than this no credibility can be assumed or rejected drawing on the current internet presence shown above and at least the evident lack of customer complaints!

Jane Ramsay: Website Popularity & Google Ranking

Jane Ramsay does not appear in the www.ranking.com database.

  • The website is ranked number 22,956,207 for traffic on www.alexa.com, with 4 sites linking in.
  • The Google page rank value gives Jane Ramsay 1 out of a possible 10 points.
  • www.compete.com has no site profile data for Jane Ramsay for measuring website traffic.
  • Quantcast, who measure audience data for websites, also have no information for Jane Ramsay.
  • Currently then the company website obviously has a fairly low rate of activity, it still needs to achieve recognition and popularity.


Jane Ramsay: Social Media Presence

Although Jane Ramsay does not have a LinkedIn business profile, she has very attractive and well kept Facebook and Twitter profiles and beautiful Pinterest pages featuring fashion ideas and photographs, and all her media profiles also reflect a great deal of her character and philosophy on life, as well as the product, which naturally appeals to the female audience and creates a sort of bond with the customer.Facebook 102 likes, twitter 27 followers, 73 tweets, 155 following http://pinterest.com/janeramsaypins/activity/   27 followers, 415 pins, 32 following A fairly modest level of interest so far, but early days. Notably, Jane Ramsay’s blog and posts are up to date on Facebook and Twitter, while she has neglected to post on her actual website newsfeed since July.

Jane Ramsay: Website Security & Safety

The Jane Ramsay website appears very safe. Buyers need to register their email and all their personal details relating to their credit or debit card in order to make a purchase in the standard secure manner. The website uses a secure (https://) connection when taking payment information, and the “Google safe browsing” diagnostic tool shows no suspicious status, no distribution of malware and no other concerns for the past 90 days.

Jane Ramsay: Pricing & Packages

Online clothing companies are a very competitive market, big household names such as Wehkamp, Dorothy Perkins, Neckermann, Otto, New Look to name a few, as well as designer names such as DKNY, Ralph Lauren and brand stores. In view of this it is difficult to compare prices of articles, some stores specifically aim at having low prices, while brand names can charge as they please. Jane Ramsay is clearly stated as not aiming for low-budget buyers, but a certain level of luxury and her prices also reflect the middle market, while the rabbit fur coat featured below for an example is priced at $999. T-shirts and blouses are never priced anywhere below $100, so one is definitely aiming up market! The product ranges are also as yet fairly limited compared with other online clothing stores.

Not all competitors are limited to targeting the female only market. Examples of a current competitor on the international women’s clothing market online could be “Dorothy Perkins” and “VILA Clothes”. Dorothy Perkins is a British based store also aiming to ship internationally and ships for free on orders upwards of £75 = $120. VILA Clothes is a European based company only shipping to specific European destinations and ships for free with consignments from €80 = $102. These examples of middle priced international stores gently show that $250 is on the higher end of the market then, expecting the prices and orders to be that bit higher and larger accordingly.

Jane Ramsay: Shipping Rates & Policies

Jane Ramsay has very clear shipping policies, they aim to dispatch products within 24-48 hours, from Hong Kong, internationally using Federal Express. Details and individual order tracking numbers are sent to the customer by computer generated email. Any customer whose country cannot be shipped to for any reason, will receive a full refund. All rates are calculated in USD and all orders upwards of $250 are free of delivery costs. Other delivery costs range from $10-30 varying on the customer’s chosen priority.

Jane Ramsay: Payment Methods Accepted

Jane Ramsay products are priced in USD (United States Dollars), while there is a convenient currency converter on her website so that customers can see products priced for their own region. Accepted Jane Ramsay payment methods are Mastercard, Visa and Paypal, payment is notably easy after entering your email address without all the sign up fuss many online shops have.

Jane Ramsay: Returns, Refunds & Exchange Policy

The website states clearly that if delivery to your region is not possible any charges will be refunded in full. A separate notice states that other charges, taxes or levies imposed by other external instances are not their responsibility, as with delays. Customers should consult their own local customs office for clear information. The company has a customer service email address info@janeramsay.com for processing customer enquiries.

Return policies for a refund or exchange are as follows:

Returns must be made within 5 calendar days of the receipt date.

Items must be original, unworn, unwashed, unaltered and with complete tags.

Returns or exchanges will be processed within 2 weeks.

Jane Ramsay: Product images & screenshots
Jane Ramsay Coupons
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